Dr. Joni E. Johnston
Instructor Dr. Joni E. Johnston
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Lawsuit-Proof Discipline and Termination: How to Remedy Employee Problems While Minimizing Your Legal Risks


Disciplining and terminating workers who are underperforming or breaking the rules is stressful for even the most skilled manager.

Even worse, there are so many ways to get it wrong; failing to document all incidents regarding a discharge, firing an employee who has health or personal problems, or waiting until the employee's performance has deteriorated past the point of no return to address it.

Areas Covered In the Seminar:

  • How to turn problem employees around
  • How to decide when it's time to stop coaching and start disciplining individual employees
  • How to determine what is appropriate discipline
  • Best practices for preparing, communicating, and documenting performance improvement plans for your workers
  • The most common mistakes employers make with progressive discipline (and how you can avoid repeating them)
  • The step-by-step procedures you should always follow when discharging an employee
  • What you should always say - and what you must never say - when letting an employee go
  • How to handle the termination meeting - who should attend, and what to say and do
  • The legal thresholds you must meet when firing workers based on bad behavior or poor performance
  • How to avoid (and defend yourself against) bias and retaliation claims made by departing employees
  • How to avoid making mistakes when disciplining or terminating older workers and other "protected class" employees
  • The special challenges presented by workers out on leave, from FMLA and USERRA to workers comp

Who will benefit:
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Senior Management Team
  • HR Managers, Directors, and Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Employment Managers
  • Training Director

Speaker Profile
Dr. Joni Johnston is a licensed clinical/forensic psychologist, private investigator, and CEO of WorkRelationships, an employee relations consulting firm. Since 1991, she has conducted hundreds of workshops and trained thousands of managers and HR professionals on how to deal with employee conduct issues - from dress code violations to offensive behavior investigations to workplace violence.

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