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Instructor Kelly Petrock
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Coaching & Counseling


Coaching and Counseling are two of the most important ways to be engaged with employees. Coaching and Counseling are THE missing link in performance management.

Done well these activities can increase employee engagement, development, proficiency and ownership. Done poorly, or not at all these activities can leave employees feeling uncertain, undervalued and ultimately lead to under performance.

This webinar will focus participants first on the follower and learning whether a Coaching or Counseling approach is best approach. Participants will then explore the purpose, process and key elements to become more active and effective coaches and counselors.

Why should you attend: As a set of practices, Coaching and Counseling are two important tools for leaders to use and "get right". Coaching and Counseling is HOW leaders raise the bar and improve performance as well as HOW they can improve employee engagement, critical thinking and satisfaction.

This webinar will benefit you and your leaders if you are looking to address any of the following:

  • You need a way to help others step up so you can step back- you can't focus on your work because employees are so dependent on you to do their work
  • A few capable and motivated employees "carry" the less capable and less motivated; and aren't happy about it!
  • You find yourself addressing the same performance issues over and over again with less traction and more frustration
  • You're looking for the "connective tissue" or "process" between performance management / appraisal "events"
  • You want to strengthen your bench and add to the skills and learning of your employees, staff or team
  • You want to feel confident you are using positive and corrective feedback frequently enough and correctly
  • You are looking for better tools/methods to address accountability issues

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • To be an effective leader, focus on the follower
    • Assess the follower's ability and motivation to determine readiness for coaching or counseling
    • Learn to determine whether performance problems are skill/knowledge based or motivation/ownership based and what to do about it
  • Coaching, clarify the purpose of coaching and learn the six key steps to the coaching process
  • Learn to use the power of positive and corrective feedback for increased proficiency, motivation and performance
    • Understand the impact of praise and correction on performance overtime
    • Learn how to adjust praise to competence level of follower
    • How to deliver effective positive & corrective feedback: the D-S-E-E-C-S script
  • Tools for Coaching: Core Competency Matrix & Process Step x Skill Matrix
  • Webinar participants brainstorm tips for coaching; When coaching it's important to do or be… When coaching it's important not to do or be...
    • Participants develop coaching plan and next steps
  • Counseling, clarify the purpose (developmentally & correctively) and learn the 4 key steps to effective counseling dialogue: I-S-O-C
    • Learn the intent, exit criteria and key behaviors for each step
  • Understand the power of questions and inquiry: Opening, Expanding Clarifying and Contacting / Committing
    • Learn to listen so others feel HEARD and the keys to connecting
  • Tools for Counseling: Question Map
  • Webinar participants brainstorm tips for counseling; When counseling it's important to do or be… When counseling it's important not to do or be...
    • Participants develop counseling plan and next steps
  • Session Summary and Next Step Challenge

Who Will Benefit:
  • HR professionals
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders

Speaker Profile
Kelly Petrock brings over twenty years of experience and knowledge in change management, strategy, organizational development, and performance improvement to every client assignment. He has a long-standing passion for helping work groups, especially those that are at the leadership level, cross-functional or self-managed, develop the skills and processes necessary to become a team of supportive, high performing colleagues. Experienced in state-of-the-art organization development techniques he is a savvy big picture thinker who works closely with clients to design and deliver innovative approaches and interventions for lasting and systemic change.

Kelly’s work results in readily implemented plans and strategies that are supported and understood by the entire organization. Clients have repeatedly leveraged Kelly's expertise in the "soft" aspects of organizational life to achieve "hard" business results.

Kelly has consulted with 100,s organizations in the United States, Europe, Latin America, India and South East Asia. He has facilitated the implementation of large-scale organizational change with many of the world’s leading corporations, including: General Dynamics, ABB, American Axle & Manufacturing, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Motorola

Kelly is a top rated presenter, thought leader and trainer in Organizational Change and Culture Transformation, Leadership, Team Effectiveness, Facilitation Skills and Human Motivation. He has served on the faculty of several corporate educational programs including AlliedSignal's Site Leadership Development Program, Motorola Messaging Systems Global Leadership Development (GOLD) Program, Raytheon’s Leadership Education Program, Eastern Michigan University’s Corporate Education Program and the LEAD Institute.

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