Building Your Personal Brand and Influence in your Organization

Tony Kubica
Instructor Tony Kubica
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Building Your Personal Brand and Influence in your Organization

Your personal brand is about how the behaviors you express have direct line of sight to your outcomes. These behaviors are tangible and intangible, conscious and unconscious. Behavior forms your personal brand, which forms your reputation, which impacts your influence, and which ultimately affects your performance and your results. Your behavior can be your best ally or can "derail" you and sabotage your chance for success.

While time is a key resource and perceived as a major factor for accomplishing things-it is not time itself that determines your success; it is how you use it. Your success, and the success of your business, is not about time or tenure; it is about results. Our premise is that results come from your personal brand. Behavior creates your reputation, influence and power to get things done. Authority alone doesn’t get things done. Hard business skills only provide the foundation for getting things done. We get things done through other people, whether they are bosses, peers, subordinates, customers or vendors.

Why you should attend
: Most business people we meet want to do better and-in most cases even those who are already successful, even the most highly successful-can.

Do you really know what you can do to improve your performance and your results? Stop doing what may be diminishing your efforts! You may ask, "How do I as an individual-whether a business owner, organizational leader, or an emerging leader-do that? Simple: by building personal brand and influence.

Learn what elements of your personal brand are the most important and how they impact your image as a whole. We help you understand your controllable sphere of influence and its interdependence with your personal power in achieving positive results. Personal branding creates a competitive advantage for you and your business. Through the course of this webinar we will identify both tangible and intangible (and often overlooked) elements of personal brand and influence building skills, including:
  • Focus management
  • Responsiveness
  • Impression management
  • Knowledge of current industry issues and current events in general
  • Emotional management/emotional IQ
  • Personal energy management
  • Perfectionism
  • Overselling
Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Learn core elements of a personal brand
  • Identify the unintended self defeating behaviors that negatively impact your brand, reputation and influence
  • Understand the importance of reputation as a result of your personal brand
  • Appreciate that success is measured in results not time equity
  • Recognize that energy management is a hidden element of brand and for better performance

Who Will Benefit:
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • New Professionals
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
Speaker Profile
Tony Kubica is a consultant, author, coach, and speaker. He specializes in accelerating business growth, strategy, leadership development, and performance improvement. Initially trained as a pharmacist, Tony has been a departmental director, hospital executive, executive in charge of a management consulting practice for a mid-size national consulting company, entrepreneur, and business owner.

While at the University of Connecticut Health Center he held a number of key positions, including: Director of Pharmacy, hospital executive, hospital planner and co-chair of the Health Center’s Strategic Planning Committee. In addition, he served as Assistant Professor of Community Medicine and Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy at the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, respectively.

As a hospital executive at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, he was responsible for all clinical and non-clinical hospital services and, working with key physicians, was instrumental in introducing new technology and care concepts such as minimally invasive surgery, Gamma Knife® and lithotripsy.

Tony joined Superior Consultant Company (specializing in healthcare information technology and management consulting services) as a senior management consultant and grew to Senior Vice President of the Chi Group – Superior’s management consulting company - prior to leaving in 2005 to start his own company. Along the way he was Director of the IDN Practice, Vice President of Implementation for select health care IT software systems, and Vice President for company wide resource management and sales.

He is a member of the ACHE and serves on the RI-Education Committee. He is also a member of the International Coach Federation. He holds a certification with Hogan Assessments, an internationally utilized, premier personality and job performance profiling system, used to help organizations hire high-potential talent and develop current and emerging leaders. When not working with clients, writing or speaking, he pursues his two passions: music and martial arts. He plays the guitar and is a 4th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. As a martial artist he continues to grow in the art and enjoys working with children and adults to help them improve, learn self-discipline, and build self-confidence.

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