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A Tour of Health Canada

Health Canada is to Canada what the FDA is the US. It is Canada's regulatory body which regulates all aspects of medical and pharmaceutical products. A tour of Health Canada is to survey its purview of work.

A tour of Health Canada has to ideally begin with an understanding of what this body stands for. A tour of Health Canada begins with its introduction on its website: that Health Canada is a federal department that has the objective of ensuring that Canada remains a healthy country and that it respects individual decisions and situations.

Health Canada's goals

A tour of Health Canada illustrates Health Canada's goals. It has a broad definition of this goal, which it says is to make Canada a country with the healthiest people in the world. The Canadian government seeks to make use of the following to get there:


A tour of Health Canada also has regulatory guidelines on injury prevention and health risks arising out of being in hazard-causing occupations. This is somewhat similar to OSHA guidelines in the US. Towards ensuring this, as a tour of Health Canada reveals, the Canadian government has taken steps that involve the Canadian government, industry, think-tanks and the public. Regulations are framed after consultations with relevant groups and individuals.

A tour of Health Canada is also replete with references to its main topics. These relate to:

  • Legislation & Guidelines
  • Advisories, Warnings & Recalls
  • Pesticides & Pest Management
  • Product Safety Testing
  • Reports & Publications
  • Consumer Product Safety
  • Cosmetics

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