Speaker Profile

Steven Schwartz

Co-Founder & Manager , HEOR Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy,

Steven Schwartz , Ph.D., Chief Science Advisor & Co-Founder & Manager, HEOR Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy has been involved in healthcare delivery and research for 30 years and has led outcomes evaluation and clinical trial coordination in a variety of settings including healthcare delivery systems, digital health technology, data analytics and the pharmaceutical industries. As part of the Behavioral Science Team that architected and evaluated the suite of HealthMedia digital health coaching products prior to, during, and after the company’s acquisition by Johnson and Johnson in 2008, Dr. Schwartz has been part of the digital innovation curve in healthcare for many years. He has published extensively in peer review science and industry trade publications. He has spoken on key health and technology topics locally, nationally and internationally. As a Boarded Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Schwartz has significant theoretical and practical expertise in (Cognitive) Behavioral Psychology, Learning Theory, Positive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Clinical Trials Design, Program Evaluation, Human-Centered and Instructional Design, Gamification and N-of-1 Individual Science methodology. Dr. Schwartz is co-inventor on pending patent to enhance personalized evidenced-based medical and non-pharmaceutical micro-treatments. The invention leverages predictive population statistics, AI, wearable sensors, and N-of-1 simple-to-understand accurate personalized IndividuALLytics Quotients™ to give medical professionals new level of personalized predictive analytics cost-effectively to aid improved productive patient conversations and better outcomes.

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