Speaker Profile

Denise Corcoran

Founder and CEO, The Empowered Business

Denise Corcoran helps growth-seeking companies develop game-changing leadership teams and organizations that drive double- and triple-digit growth … by design. Her company - The Empowered Business - is one of the few companies providing whole brain, strategic solutions for unleashing leadership and organizational potential that conventional methods can’t achieve.

Advanced degrees in math, economics and business have helped Denise to develop rigorous thinking about complex problems, understand social phenomenon and take a holistic approach toward business. Decades of studying brain science, cognitive psychology and peak performance disciplines have helped her work with the complex mental, emotional and spiritual processes driving human behaviors and achievements.

The breadth and depth of her 38 years business experience – as a former corporate executive, high level business strategist and now expert in leadership and organizational transformation – have given her the wisdom, track record and solutions to assist companies in addressing today’s complex business challenges.

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