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Roger Nakata

Principal Associate, International Airport and Air Control Consultants LLC (IAAC)

Nakata has been working in the Air Traffic Control and Airport Management field since 1984. During the past 30 years, Mr. Nakata has managed the research, development, and implementation of several national aviation projects for the FAA. Mr. Nakata occupied many high level FAA facility management positions. He is the inventor of several new tools for pilots, airports and aircraft worldwide. He has instructed internationally on aviation related materials. He has been instrumental in designing and redesigning airport layout plans. Many new enhancements to the Denver International Airport can be attributed to his fuel savings/efficiency modifications. . He has and is currently assisting the Airports and Air Traffic Control Developments in China

International Airport and Air Control Consultants LLC (IAAC) is based in Denver, Colorado United States of America. WWW.InternationalAAC.com

IAAC members are specialized in Airport Operation Management, Air Traffic Control Management and Design, Airport Architecture Design, Technology Enhancements, Airline Efficiency, and Worldwide Localized Training. The partners and members of our team have over 100 years of Airport Operations, Air Traffic Control, and International Marketing experience which spans the entire spectrum of Airports and Air Traffic Control facilities including commercial and business aviation. We have extensive management and operational experience at the largest airport in the United States (Denver International Airport - DIA). The depth and breadth of this experience at DIA and other airports in the United States qualifies us as one of the most experienced Teams in the Aviation industry today. Our experience with Airlines has demonstrated our ability to promote collaboration and increase fuel efficiency. Our international marketing experience allows us the flexibility to conduct business in international markets

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Air Traffic Control and Airport Operation Coordination

Airport effectiveness is dependent on each airport entity’s participation and effectiveness at the airport. When information is not shared or understood by even one entity, it creates safety and efficiency issues at the airport. Whether you are an Airline, Airport Operations, Airport Manager, Air Traffic Control or any other entity on the airport, you must have a complete understanding of your requirements of the operations at the airport. You must have a good understanding of the needs and requirements of the other entities. Ignorance and misunderstandings compromises safety and decreases the efficiency at the airport.

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