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Harold Thibodeaux

Research Investigator, Stiefel

Harold Thibodeaux is a medical research scientist with in vivo pharmacological experiences in both academia and biopharmaceutical industry. During his prestigious career the focus of Mr. Thibodeaux’s research efforts has been on the efficacy of cardiovascular drugs most notably Hypertension, Myocardial Infarction, Focal Ischemia (Stroke), Beyond Advair Pulmonary Research and topical antibiotics. Optimal therapeutic benefits were the goal in all of these projects but cardiovascular safety to provide safer medicines to patients was a priority. Mr. Thibodeaux transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry when he joined the Cardiovascular Department of Genentech in 1990, as a technical lead with the Second Generation TPA Project Team. Mr. Thibodeaux is a graduate from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Science Degree in biology and is a member of The Safety Pharmacology Society.

During his prestigious career, Harold Thibodeaux’s ambition and innovation resulted in the successful clinical development of several novel drugs. As a young scientist with Genentech, his contributions to the Second Generation TPA Project were rewarded with the FDA approval of a thrombolytic drug (TNK-TPA or Tenectaplase) that was indicated for Acute Myocardial Infarction. Another notable achievement with the same project team was the approval of Activase Alterplase for Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment.

As a scientist at Theravance, his innovative models of cardiovascular safety were instrumental in the formation of a Theravance/GlaxoSmithKline Partnership and the development of two clinical candidates for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Both drugs, BREO Ellipta and ANORO Ellipta, were approved by the FDA and are currently providing therapeutic benefits with patients with COPD. In his role as an investigative scientist with Stiefel, a GlaxoSmithKline Company, Mr. Thibodeaux explored new medical research paths and using his many years of experience in the industry to support project efforts for the reformulations of topical antibiotics, development of models to study acne and writing protocols psoriasis.

During his years of academia and pharmaceutical industry provided an opportunity to authored 23 published articles and discussed his work with poster presentation at major scientific meetings. Harold is proud to have been a medical researcher in both academia and the biopharmaceutical industry and continues to support projects that lead to strategic partnerships that will develop novel drug pipelines for unmet medical needs and present webinars and seminars on drug development to assist pharmaceutical companies achieve their goals.

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