Speaker Profile

Michael Heydt

Principal Technology Manager, SunGard Global Services

Michael Heydt is an independent consultant, educator and trainer with nearly thirty 30 years of professional software development experience, during which time he has focused on agile software design and implementation using advanced technologies in multiple verticals including media, finance, energy and healthcare. He holds a MS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Drexel University, and a Masters of Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Wharton Business School. His studies have focused on technology management, software engineering, entrepreneurship, information retrieval, data sciences, and computational finance. Since 2005 he has specialized in building energy and financial trading systems for major investment banks on Wall Street and several global energy trading companies, utilizing .NET, C#, WPF, TPL, DataFlow, Python, R, Mono, iOS, Android, and many others tools too numerous to list. His current interests are creating seamless applications using desktop, mobile and wearable technologies, and which utilize high concurrency, high availability, real-time data analytics, augmented and virtual reality, cloud services, messaging, computer vision, natural user interfaces, and software defined networks. He is the author of numerous technology articles, papers and books, is a common speaker at .NET users groups and various mobile and cloud conferences, and regularly delivers webinars on advanced technologies.

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