Maintenance of pharmaceutical water systems and their principles

Key Takeaway:

Adhering to the principles of purity of pharmaceutical water systems is of critical importance, given the importance of water to the pharmaceutical industry. Professionals have to ensure this all the time, every time.

Water, as we have known for ages, is the ultimate life giver and sustainer for this planet. Just as its use is indispensable for humans; it is the same in the pharmaceutical industry too. It is not only the most widely used substance in this industry; it also carries unique properties. It is considered the foundational material in all important aspects of pharmaceutical water systems, be it production, or processing or formulation of pharmaceutical products.

Since the hydrogen bonds present in it and its polarity give water its own set of singular chemical properties; its choice as the most prevalent substance in this field is automatic, since it helps in dissolving, absorbing, adsorbing and suspending of many compounds.

Knowledge of what is needed for obtaining and maintaining high purity pharmaceutical water systems?

If high purity pharmaceutical water systems have to be obtained, lab practitioners will ideally have to have knowledge of these:

  • Proper design
  • Validation
  • Operation
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and
  • o Excursion investigations of a high purity water system.

Principles of pharmaceutical water systems

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