Angela Bazigos

FDA's 21 CFR 11 Add-On Inspections - Recent Updates

At the beginning of the initiative FDA made it very clear that Part 11 is in effect and is enforced according to the original Part 11 and the Guidance from 2003. In the meantime FDA officials reported about key findings.

Teri C. Soli

Laboratory Water Systems: Necessary Water Specifications and Validation Challenges

Laboratory water systems are often the forgotten, red-haired stepchild of pharmaceutical operations. Yet, in some ways, the maintenance of the appropriate quality of lab water systems is perhaps more important than many applications of manufacturing's water systems since the tests performed on manufacturing's products can be affected by the lab water quality in insidious, hard to detect ways, which could cause perfectly good products to appear to fail testing or bad product to appear to pass. Often too little effort is invested in understanding and maintaining lab water systems for a number of reasons that will be discussed. On the other hand, excessive effort may be expended in maintaining certain water attributes that are neither required nor consequential for the vast majority of analyses, such as the microbiological content.

Kim Huynh-Ba

Effective CAPA Program for GMP Operations

Having an effective CAPA documentation and tracking system are crucial to pharmaceutical operations. This system will allow personnel to identifying the root cause, corrective action taken, and verification stages.

Jeff Kasoff

Supplier and Internal Auditing

The FDA regulations contain a vast quantity of requirements, which govern tasks performed by your company's personnel every day.

John E Lincoln

CAPA, Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis to Meet FDA Expectations

Defined Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis is a major tool in product complaint, non-conformance, and OOS failure investigations, and hazard analysis / risk management and mitigation activities, the basic foundation of a viable CAPA system.

Denise Mainquist

PCI DSS: Tips and Trends for 2010

Compliance to the PCI DSS can be an overwhelming task in the beginning. The requirements are specific and if your organization has not had an information security program in place, there may be a lot to do to meet minimum compliance requirements.

Melinda Allen

Webinar on Allergen control

Allergens under regulatory control are limited to 8. However, they take on many names and forms. Identifying and avoiding these allergens are an important strategy for manufacturers as well as consumers.

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