2-day In-person Seminar

Value Driven Safety

February 18th & 19th, 2016

Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

New Orleans, LA

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Airport

Director : James J. Thatcher
  Price: $1,495.00
(Seminar Fee for One Delegate)

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This seminar is about "why we do what we do" as it relates to our value system, and our core values. It explains in detail why our values drive our behavior. It covers the main agents that cause injuries in the workplace, and identifies the six injury causal factors. We discuss the various tools safety practitioners use to assess risks originating from conditions, and goes into great detail in discussing why injuries occur because of our behavior based on our value system

We cover the background data for multiple causes of human behavior, and outline the interrelated events of incident causation. The "risk chain" is discussed so that it makes sense as to why most incidents have multiple causes.

The methodology used for investigating incidents is discussed in detail, using the "root cause process.

We look at risk associated with actions/acts/behaviors by looking at what causes the behavior. Are the behaviors condition-based, value-based or is a "scotoma" the cause. Priorities are evaluated in a way the forces the safety precautions to take a seat behind "getting the job done" at the expense of those safety precautions.

We discuss what a "value system" is, what "core values" are and how they affect our decision making process in our lives. We talk about the training we get in safety and why that training has no effect in most instances, on our value system. We look at how discipline affects our value system and changes behavior.

We define at-risk behavior, at-risk condition, near-miss, near-hit, situational awareness so that these definitions become the way we stay on track when dealing with values in the workplace.

We discuss the "SH&E" tool so people use it at the workplace and at home.

We discuss the current safety pyramid and how it is used and turn it upside down and use it another way.

We identify the various "safety management systems" that must be in place in order to maximize the positive results that can be achieved from using the information in this seminar.

Why should you attend:

90% of the injuries sustained are caused by the following agents:

  • Struck by equipment
  • Fall from height
  • Crushed by falling loads
  • Get tangled in chains or cables
  • Experience a vehicle crash while on way to or from work
  • Burned by fire

Five out of the six injury causal factors are directly related to - Human Caused events based on the lack of understanding of:

The sixth causal factor is directly related to Technological caused events

  • Mechanical
  • Pressure
  • Process related

This seminar shows us how to recognize these risks, how to eliminate them or how to minimize them to an acceptable level of safeness

Areas Covered in the Session:

The areas covered in this seminar are:

  • Why we do what we do in the workplace based on our value system and core values
  • How to use the root cause methodology for investigating incidents
  • Looking at risk associated with actions/acts and behaviors
  • Definition of what a value system is and what core values are
  • Definition of at-risk conditions, at-risk behavior, near-miss, near-hit, and situational awareness
  • An explanation of the "SH&E" tool and how to use it in the workplace and in the home
  • A discussion of the current safety pyramid and how it is misleading
  • A in-depth analysis of safety management systems, and how they work

Who will benefit:

  • Safety Practitioners
  • Managers
  • Directors and Vice Presidents

Day 1 Schedule

Lecture 1:

Why we do what we do

Lecture 2:

The methodology used for investigating incidents

Lecture 3:

Evaluation of risks associated with actions/acts/behaviors

Lecture 4:

Analyze value systems and core values

Day 2 Schedule

Lecture 1:

Examine at-risk behavior, at-risk conditions, near-miss, near-hit, & situational awareness

Lecture 2:

Discussion of the SH&E tool and how to use it

Lecture 3:

Discussion of the safety pyramid and how it is misleading

Lecture 4:

Safety management systems and how they work

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James J. Thatcher

President and Owner, Global Safety Solutions LLC

Dr. James J. Thatcher the owner and President of Global Safety Solutions, LLC, headquartered in Divide, Colorado. Dr. Thatcher has 35 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, Metals/Minerals and Chemical industry, with management positions in engineering, operations, human resources, safety, health and environment, as well as training and security.

He has a MS in mechanical engineering, and a Ph.D. in psychology/organizational development. He has had many articles published in the Occupational Hazards Magazine, the VPP Leadership Magazine, IADC driller magazine, and through several organizations such as the National Safety Management Society and the World Safety Organization. He has presented at many seminars, summits, conferences, and association meetings for many years.

He is listed as an expert witness for operational as well as safety, health, environmental, training and security issues in the Oil and Gas industry and the mining, minerals and chemical industry. He is recognized in the Safety, Health, Environmental, Training and Security disciplines as an expert in these fields. He was the president of the National Safety Management Society for two terms, and is on their board of directors. He is closely associated with the World Safety Association, and is listed in the United Nations directory as an expert in the field of safety, health, training and security. He was the President of Technical Safety and Training Solutions, Incorporated, and consulted in the United States, Europe and South America.

Location: New Orleans, LA Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Airport   4535 Williams Blvd - Kenner - LA - 70065

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